Keep Calm, Monster Cleaning East London will clean the mess! 

As a company with many years experience in cleaning, we have achieved of highest level quality services!

Because of our dedication now we cover twice as many areas in London and Greater London. We started with providing just domestic clean ups, but we saw that we can there is an opportunity in the business sector, so now we provide commercial cleaning as well.

The corporate mission, company rules, principles, and tradition lead us to success!

The company leading position is due to our investment in inventory and human resources. Our web page is a final result from the tireless work of our  great team of computer engineers and scientists. They are responsibility is to keep it up to date and easily accessible, so you can find fast and easy any information you need.

Our customer care support team consist people who posses strong personalities, able to solve any customer problem.

They have stable working ethic and manners to turn every conversation into  delightful and enjoyable experience for every customer of ours. They have been gone through various seminars and office meetings, which helped them to advance their organisation. We know how important is the positive attitude so they as well, they will work hard to help any customer with solving any problem. They will lead you through the full booking process and will answer all of your questions. Our office representatives co operate and co ordinate the work with all of our departments to keep smooth and problem free atmosphere.

The operatives that we send on site are experienced, well prepared, sharp, reliable and trustworthy.

We know how important is that they know what needs to be done when they arrive, so they are being supplied with all the information that they need for the service. All the cleaning materials and equipment that they need are provided by the company. Our cleaners are fully insured and police checked, and they posses all the rights to work legally in the country, because we want our customers to be calm when they let people who they do not know in their properties.

The equipment, materials and cleaning solvents are ordered specifically for our economic activity. We make sure that we do not use cleaning liquids which are being tested on laboratory animals. All of the cleaning liquids are proven to be ecologically friendly, carbon – neutral and toxic free, 100% harmless for your property, kids and pets.

We work every day of the week to provide great quality service and help everybody with their daily duties!

Call us now and check our our competitive prices, based on your budget, requirements and needs!

Dial 020 8077 1397 we will be more than happy to help you!